Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Rasgulla……heart melting desert for me. I have always been found of this desert but literally fell in love when my bong roomy introduced me to authentic Calcutta resgullas. I still remember the way it melted in mouth…….yuuummmm

It took time to reach till here but yes finally nailed it and here I am with fullproof recipe…..try it I am sure nothing can go wrong with it

For Chhena
4 cups milk
1 lemon juice
1 cup sugar

For syrup
2 ½ cups water

Keep milk for boiling once it starts boiling add lemon juice to it, stir it well. Switch off gas as soon as milk starts curdling. The milk solid is a paneer. This is very important that not to over cook milk once it curdles up otherwise rasgulls will turn chewy.

Strain whey from paneer & wash it under running water tab in strainer. Take a cheese cloth, place paneer in it & squeeze excess water out. Take out the paneer in fresh plate, use kitchen paper towel to remove any excess water/moisture from paneer.

Knead the paneer for 8-10 minutes to make soft dough. Once soft dough is ready make crack free small 12-15 equal small round balls.

Mix 2 ½ cup of water & one cup of sugar in pressure cooker, bring it to boil. Once it comes to boil carefully add small paneer balls to syrup. After adding all balls to syrup cover cooker & let it cook on low medium flame for 10-12 minutes.

After gas switched off let cooker release its steam on its own do not try to release it, it might break the rasgulls.

Let it cool off & refrigerate for 5 hours before serving …..that’s simply scrumptious & fresh

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