Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pan Shots

If necessity is the mother of invention, then I would say craving is grandmother ;)

Yeah, coz making this drink was not at all a necessity, but ohh boy, what should I do about that craving of having PAN...... In my home town we have very famous pan center called 'Tara Pan Center' & I am in love with their pans. Always use to miss it after special meals and festive days. Tried making it with the pans we get here, but did not get that taste coz pan quality is just not the one we get back in India. Not soft enough to chew. So what next, what if we can still enjoy that aroma of Pan & not have to chew it .....sounds fantastic....bas bana dala ....introducing "Pan Shot"

This is sure to satisfy your craving to have pan plus leave your guest amazed. 

A must try ....after dinner drink (can be served with vodka too)


4-5 pan
1 tbsp minty fennel seeds
1 tbsp shredded dry coconut 
1 tbsp gulkand
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
10 pistachios
2/3 almond
10 raisins
pinch of saffron
2 scoop of vanilla ice-cream
1 cup chilled water

Except ice cream & water blend everything well in blander. Make sure to make very smooth paste to avoid floating object on your drinks

Add ice cream & give it a quick blend then add a chilled water. 

Refrigerate for at least 30 min & serve chilled with sprinkle of some fennel seeds or gulkand 


  1. Yummy! What can we replace for gulkand?

  2. Really yummy ! Want to try it today. What can I use to replace gulkand ?

  3. thk u dear.well gulkand is one of the main ingredients in this, bt ya try using rose essence n increase the quantity of nuts and ice cream. or may be some rose petals if u hv. .....hope this help btw gulkand is easily available at Indian grocery stores or online on amazon / ebay ......hope it helps  

  4. loved the recipe Tanuja ! i am going to make this for a party. with the ingredients and the quantity you mentioned how many shots would it make ?

  5. Thank you so much Sri, I used shotglass to serve i.e. 2 oz that made around 6-8 glasses. 1 cup is 8 onz. Do let me know how do u all like it :)