Sunday, March 22, 2015

Instant Kalakand

Hubby dear was craving for midnight sweets while watching India - Pakistan match. Somehow kalakand was on my mind since morning. Went to kitchen & came out within 30 min with these beauties..........
For Chena
2 cups milk to make chena
Juice of 1 lamon
1/8 tsp cardamom powder2 1/2 tbsp condense milk (3 tbsp if u like sweet)Pistachio to garnish

Other ingredients
2 tsp milk powder
To make chena keep milk for boiling, once milk comes to boil add lemon juice. Switch off gas as soon as milk curdles up. Strain the whey using strainer & masculine cloth. Wash chena under cold running water tab & squeeze out water completely.
Crumble chena & add it into microwave safe bowl. Make sure to use big bowl as mixture come to boil in microwave. Add milk powder, cardamom powder & condense milk give it a quick mix & microwave it for 1 min on high. Take out, mix it well & microwave it for another 1 min. keep a watch every microwave is different. After 2 min mixture should be cooked & look thick.
I used heart shape mould to shape it, garnished it with pistachio & served while it was not hot but little warm that’s how my hubby likes it.
Do make same version or come up with your but make sure to njoy it

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