Saturday, March 21, 2015

Instant Kacche Aam Ka Achar

Holi ki mithaiyo ke sath kuch chatpata toh banta hain....
This one doesn't need intro....dekhtesehi muh me pani aa jata hain!
Presenting - instant kacche aam aur ginger ka achar...
jhatpat banaya .....chatpat khatam kiya k emoticon

2 inch ginger finely chop

1 Kaccha aam finely chop 

add red chilly powder+ salt+ coriander powder+ Cumin powder + ready made aachar masala (its optional I used just 1 tsp) + turmeric + sugar mix everything well & keep it ready in bowl. Now take a tadka pan add some oil, in heated oil add cumin & muster seeds let it splatter. Switch off gas, add hing & add this tadka to bowl of acchar mix. mix it well....that’s it ready to serve…..njoy

smile emoticon

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