Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cucumber Tomato Car


When my daughter said she doesn't want to eat salad today, I said ok your choice ;) but now what should I say to Mr. Tomato & family....they have been really excited to meet up with you and specially to show their new 'convertible car'. I better call them and cancel our meeting. She said wait did anyone say Mr. Tomato with his new convertible here....I wanna meet, I wanna meet....please mom don't cancel...pls, pls ,pls ....And there I go :) What a exciting visit it was, they sure own a wonderful green convertible! 

Uufff kids & stories are never ending affairs!!! 

Assembling this convertible turnout to be such a easy peasy task. Believe me no kid could ever say no for this, mission veggie is complete for the day :) 

for 1 car -

  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 baby carrots
  • 3 baby/ Cherry tomatoes
  • some cake sprinkles for eyes
  • toothpicks cut in half

Steps - 
  • pill cucumber (i like to use the skin though) find the flat side of it &  that will be our base
  • just cut the top part of tomato slightly insert a toothpick & attached it to car base
  • cut the carrot in round slices to make wheels. attach to car with toothpick
  • now add eyes (i used butter as a glue ;)) and toothpick hands on tomato & make smile using cucumber skin
  • give a carrot stirring in driver's hand.....
your car is all ready to zoooooom!

After all super moms are not myth, everyone can be ......all it takes is little bit of imagination & mommy's magic......LOVE!!!